Products & Services Portfolio

List of Products and Services
Our company is equipped with highly knowledgeable individuals in the Philippine real estate market.  At RCL, we ensure our valued clients receive only top quality service, up-to-date market analysis and trends, as well as smooth transactions all the way. Whether you’re in the market for a property or looking to sell, you can rest assured that we are here to help you attain the best results possible. We can oversee the successful execution of your property improvement project. 
Construction Services
RCL provides building services to clients who value diligence, resourcefulness, and creativity in a partner. We have team members who work on projects with full knowledge and commitment.  At RCL, we are able to offer clients the accessibility and support of a local firm with the stability and resources of a multi-national organization.
Interior Renovations
We provide design concepts and architectural drawings and ideas in a detailed Interior Renovation Plan showing you exactly what to do to make your property renovation more stylish and less expensive. Whether you want to upgrade to one or more rooms or sell or lease your property at the maximum value, we have an Interior Renovation Plan for you based on your priorities and investment range.  Our goal is to help you make your home or condominium keep up with the competitive residential market.

Sales and Marketing

We provide full-service sales and marketing guidance and assistance to help clients expand their product portfolio, maximize their customer base, strengthen their public image, and increase their market share. We create, manage, and execute marketing plans and campaigns. Our comprehensive marketing services include: marketing plans, budgeting, media placement and advertising implementation, public relations, and broker affiliations. 
We do large-scale master plans.  Our main objectives are: identify best use of locations for specific functions, identify ideal footprints, and plan for phased construction and/or future expansion. A preliminary study may get into further detail such as basic aesthetics or design goals, best structural and all other systems to use. Programming happens along the process and at different levels. We allocate size and resources based on anticipated current and future needs.
Project Plan Review
The production of an accurate and well-coordinated set of plans and specifications is very important to minimize change orders and optimize field administration. RCL will perform a constructability review as a cross-check of construction documents for accuracy, completeness, and systems coordination issues. This process occurs after construction documents are complete. During this review, we identify potential coordination issues, missed details, time delays, potential liability, and inter-contractor coordination items prior and after publishing bid documents. The design team then reviews and implements appropriate changes to the documents. Our interdisciplinary constructability review method is an intense cross-check of all construction documents. We review each building system independently and as a whole.

This process involves:

  • Reviewing plans and specifications to assess the ease or difficulty of constructing the proposed design with recommendations for practical changes.
  • Reviewing documents for any observed inconsistencies.
  • Making recommendations for the use of more cost-effective alternative materials or design details.
  • Making recommendations for specification changes when the proposed specifications are likely to limit competition or cause excessive delays in delivery.
  • Reviewing documents for completeness. Comprehensive and accurate documentation results in more responsive and complete bids.

Project Construction Audit/Why Audit Construction project?

  • Top Management Are Concerned & Exposed
  • Projects are Costly & subjects to Over Charges
  • Identified Opportunities for Cost Savings & Recovery
  • Provide Independent Verification of Payments
  • Delays Can Results in Lost Market Opportunity & Revenue
  • Recommend Controls to prevent potentials problems
  • Reinforce Integrity of Contractor
  • Helps Keep project on Time
  • Protect Employees
  • Reduce Reputation Risk
  • Minimize Dispute & Litigation with Contractor
  • Valuable Tools for Lesson Learned
  • Assess Impact for operating Budget

“An integral part of the audit process is to assess whether each stakeholder has met their responsibility and mitigated the risk that is inherent in a construction project.”
Project Management
Design phase services are identical, yet the construction phase services can be tailored to protect the owner’s interest while minimizing attendant fees. In general, there are three elements in executing a construction project – whichever method of project delivery you choose:

  • Contract administration
  • Construction coordination
  • Project controls

Construction management services include contract administration, construction coordination, and project controls, while the Owner’s Rep services solely involve project controls. The Owner’s Rep will supervise and scrutinize construction activities and report back to the Owner with project updates. This requires one person on the project site full or part time. A Construction Manager needs one or two other support staff to process all of the construction administration and coordination.
Owners use our Owner’s Rep service for several reasons.  A General Contractor can provide the contract administration such as processing paperwork and Contractor pay applications. In terms of construction coordination, the Contractor can coordinate site issues and contractors. Therefore, it is optimal to use an Owner’s Rep in the following circumstances:

  • You have decided on using the General Contractor or Multiple Prime Contractor method and you want a person on site to act as your “eyes and ears.”
  • The project will start and you want an experienced construction professional to manage the additions or renovations of your facility. This is often the case with Owners who have expertise in-house but staff resources are already maximized.


Real Estate Development Plan
“The two major functions of the Real Estate and Land Development Department consist of land management and land development”

  • Land management entails acquiring, managing and disposing of the real estate • Land development is a process which transforms raw land into serviced .
  • The activity related to this process includes planning, marketing & selling lands for a variety of uses, including, but not limited to residential, industrial, institutional, recreational and commercial.

The goals for our land development are:

  • To achieve a reasonable return on investment measured through earnings and/or value.
  • To provide a variety of choices such as density, price point, amenities and locations in the marketplace to consumers • To develop communities that are attractive and sustainable (economically, socially and environmentally responsible)

    • Help meet social, economic, and financial community objectives through efforts in land management.
    • Support to business – industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.
    • Provide leadership and innovation in meeting land needs of  recreational users, social agencies and residents.
    • Support internal Business Units to meet their land requirements.
    • Respect the expertise and contribution of team members and recognize the value of collaborative effort.
    • Provide timely, accurate information to customers.